On May 16/17 Oleggio hosted for the second consecutive year the Italian round of the European Truck Trials Championship.

This year the Italian scale forum had the opportunity to be part of the event, with a demo scale track to show to the numerous spectators what our little rigs can do!

The 1/1 event was massive: there were courses everywhere, with steep uphill sections, dirt piles, holes and mud pits. 23 teams coming from Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland and Czech Republic battled for 2 days to complete all the courses with less penalties then their fellow competitors.

Trucks were divided into 4 classes: 2 axles with the classics Unimog 406 / 416 and similar small rigs, 3 axles with trucks like Mercedes, Steyr, Man and Faun, 4 axles with the huge Man and Mercedes 8x8 trucks and the Prototype class with highly modified 2 and 3 axles rigs: steering on all axles, independent braking on each wheel and modified cabs were allowed in this extreme class.
Action was insane, with trucks crawling obstacles that seemed impossible, leaving black diesel smoke and clouds of dust behind them while co-drivers were spotting for the best line to avoid hitting the gates.
Spectators enjoyed the show as well as the surrounding attractions around the locations like our scale demo and even the possibility to get a passenger ride on the Iveco 4x4 Dakar truck!

Organizers supplied us with a big dirt pile and despite the extremely hot and dry conditions we were lucky enough to have shade and water to avoid dust and shape the course, we even had a little scale mud pit!
Several friends from the Italian forum came to Oleggio during the event weekend to both see the big 1/1 guys in action and drive their scale trucks on the course.

We are glad they gave us this opportunity, fun for us and interesting for the crowd who had the opportunity to discover the scale truck world and see our little 4x4 and multiaxles rigs in action, including the Best II 6x6 military truck and other RC4WD based builds.

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