RC4WD is the official sponsor of Rusty Nail Racing at King of the Hammers 2022!

Rusty Nail Racing is a grass roots off-road racing team composed of driver Justin Reece, co-pilot Cameron Reece, Land Cruiser enthusiasts, Wildland Firefighters and many more! The team will race their 1985 Toyota SR5 (#4619) in King of the Hammer's 4600 EMC (Every Man Challenge), a class that challenges racing teams to make the least modifications to the factory configurations!

Racing over the span of 7 years, the team has taken first place in the 4600 EMC in 2019 and 2021, first place in Moab Beatdown in 2021, and have competed in other races like El Rey de Las Bajas and the Ultra4 Nationals.

To commemorate our partnership, we built a 1-of-1, 1/10 replica of their #4619 truck! The truck was built by International Team Driver Ben Ludgater, using our Trail Finder 2 "LWB" chassis and our Toyota XtraCab hard body set!


We had the chance to sit down with the Reece brothers and ask them about the preparation that goes into competing in the 4600 EMC, 
who's the better RC driver between the two, advice for KOH first timers and much more!


Why Partner with Rusty Nail Racing?

Much like everyone at RC4WD, Justin Reece is a hardcore Toyota enthusiast! What Rusty Nail Racing embodies is a love for all things off-road with a nod to the rocks, and that's exactly what RC4WD represents to the RC world.
Also worth nothing, when the RNR team isn't bashing their Toyota, they love to drive and tinker with RC trucks!

Learn more about Rusty Nail Racing!

RC4WD caught up with the team last year after their 2021 win to talk about the process of competing in the 4600 EMC, and their love for RC. Read the interview here.
Watch "Battle of the Badlands" available on Amazon Prime. The documentary follows the Reece brothers and their success in the 2021 Every Man Challenge.

Follow them on Instagram @RustyNailRacing!

Where to Watch Rusty Nail Racing at KOH 2022.

Watch online for free at Ultra4Racing. The team will race #4619 on Friday, February 4th 2022, with the race starting at 8:00AM.

Rusty Nail Racing driver Justin Reece and RC4WD's Tom Allen chatting early Thursday morning.

#4619 truck rides through Hammertown during the 4600 EMC Tech & Contingency...

...and our #4619 replica rides along!

The one and only Marlin of Marlin Crawlers holding the #4619 1/10 replica.

Rusty Nail Racing #4619 entering Turkey Claw trail!

A traffic jam emerges on Turkey Claw.

Rusty Nail Racing is nothing without its supportive team. The team waits for the #4619 to enter Pit 2.

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