Have you purchased any Bully II Competition Axles or a Bully Crawler from us recently? This includes the following:

  • Bully 2 Competition Crawler Front Axle (Z-A0012) - Requires 2x Bearings
  • Bully 2 Competition Crawler Rear Axle (Z-A0084) - Requires 2x Bearings
  • RC4WD Bully II MOA RTR Competition Crawler (Z-RTR0027) - Requires 4x Bearings
  • RC4WD Bully II MOA Competition Crawler Kit (Z-K0056) - Requires 4x Bearings
It has come to our attention that some packages of our Bully II Axles may have the incorrect bearings. The correct bearings should be our Metal Shield Bearing 5x9x3mm (Z-S0841).

Please note that this does not affect all purchases of the Bully II Competition Axles or Bully Crawlers
. If you notice that your package(s) of the above mentioned product(s) includes the incorrect bearings, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line "Bully II Axles" and provide us with:

  • A Copy of Your Invoice
  • Your Shipping Details
We will gladly ship you replacement bearings to get your build complete!

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to serve you again soon.


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