A new Guinness World Record is now official, set at 171.96mph!

RC4WD helped Nic by manufacturing some special aluminum CNC machined parts for his land speed car.

We are proud top be a part of this great story and project.

Words below from Nic Case:

This record was run in December of 2012.

In March of 2013 we ran again with no improvement.

As a result of this & the fact I turned 50 - I retired from speed-running.


On April 13th 2013 , My 17 year old nephew Chris Casey was killed by a Hit-and-Lie driver. In the weeks following, I had a re-think about my retirement, and decided to continue in Chris's honor. I applied to Guinness for the December run. I dedicate this record to my nephew Chris. From now on, all runs are to celebrate his short life.

Records are made to be broken

Thanks to "Team R/C Bullet"

All the people that have invested their ideas, time effort and money

A full list is at the end of the video.

Nic Case

A short video of the record breaking run.

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