Q4 Giveaway Buildoff

Posted by RC4WD on 7/17/2019 to Promotions

Danny Build

Q4 Giveaway Buildoff Rules

Get a chance to win this Amazing One Of a Kind Build!


  1. Must use RC4WD hard body (YES, the body can be modified), wheels and tires
  2. 1/10th scale only
  3. Must have at least 4 scale items items that are RC4WD that are not part of the body or chassis
  4. Has to be a new build, can’t use an existing project
  5. Start Date: July 17th. End Date is September 25th
  6. Complete and driveable at the end of the build-off
  7. Must take video and photos of the build driving and submit to [email protected] with subject: RC4WD Build Off 19
  8. Post to Instagram with #rc4wdbuildoff19
  9. The winner will receive the Danny Hyunh Custom Build
  10. Voting will be done internally by RC4WD
  11. Winner will be announced October 2nd!