Worminator Crawler Comp MOA Axle Set

Worminator Crawler Comp MOA Axle Set

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Worminator Crawler Comp MOA Axle Set

This is the world first worm gear MOA (Motor On Axle)
Axle. This Axle will have better ground clearance either side of the diff, making its drive shaft layout similar to a locked independent suspension system.


  • Front and Rear Axle
  • CNC Machined
  • Billet Aluminum Housing
  • Front and Rear Solid Axle with Worm Gear Drive
  • Large Gear reduction in a small Axle pumpkin size
  • Self Locking on Steep Slopes
  • Torque Twist is minimized due to the Gear Reduction Ratio
  • Axle Casing Split right down the center (symmetrical)
  • Heavy Duty XVD Axle
  • Steel Spool Gear
  • Designed for 2.2 or 1.9 Class Crawler Truck
  • Flat Axle Tube Top, for Mounting Battery and Electronics.
  • Gear Ratio: 30 : 1
  • With Dedicated 12mm Hex (Black / White)
  • Width: 7.04in / 179mm (Axle Housing)
  • Hex to Hex Width: 7.83in / 199mm
  • Pin to Pin Width: 7.24in / 184mm
  • Pumpkin Height: 2.3in / 58.7mm
  • Leaf Mount Width: 4.56in / 116mm
  • Weight: 23.6oz / 600g

What's Included:
  • 1x Worminator Crawler Comp MOA Axle (Front)
  • 1x Worminator Crawler Comp MOA Axle (Rear)
  • 2x 18T Pinion Gear
  • 4x M3 x 8mm SHCS  (Silver) (Z-S0844)
  • 4x M4 x 12 mm SHCS (Silver)
  • 4x M4 x 14 mm SHCS (Silver)
  • 8x M4 Flat Washer (Silver)


  • While some components may come assembled, it may be in your best interests to check the products to ensure all hardware is tight. In some cases you may want to apply threadlock to some of the hardware that is already installed.

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