Trail Finder 3 (Launch Edition) Pre-Order Terms and Conditions

Posted by RC4WD on 1/5/2022
Trail Finder 3 (Launch Edition) Pre-Order Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Pre-Orders:

1. Coupons & promo codes cannot be used on pre-orders.

2. Changes/updates can not be made on pre-orders. If you'd like, you may cancel your pre-order, however we can not guaranteed that the product will still be available.
3. This item will be shipped the second week of February 2022.
4. Pre-order supplies are limited. First come, first served. No back orders or rain checks allowed on pre-order products.
5. Shipping on pre-orders will vary based on shipping method selected - RC4WD will not be responsible for delays caused by carrier.
6. All pre-orders will be shipped separately. Other products will not be shipped with pre-orders.
7. Email su[email protected] for any questions or concerns.
8. Be sure to brag to your friends about the great product(s) you received before them!