T1 Disruptor Black Transfer Case  (.75:1 gearing)

T1 Disruptor Black Transfer Case (.75:1 gearing)

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T1 Disruptor Black .75:1 Aluminum Transfer Case

This unit is designed to help speed up any of the trucks using the first version 2.18:1 transfer case. This unit is CNC machined, heavy duty gears and 5mm output shaft. Engineered by Fracture in New Zealand.

  • Gearing is .75:1
  • Length: 76.16mm / 2.762inch
  • Width: 20.03mm / 0.789inch
  • Height: 40.00mm / 1.575inch
  • Drive output distance: 40.41mm / 1.591inch
  • Output Shaft OD: 0.19" / 5mm

Designed to work in the Subzero  Gelande, and any other truck using the Disruptor transfer case and tranny setup.

What's Included:
  • 1x Disruptor Black Transfer Case
This product is designed to fir our R2 or Disruptor Tranny. And 5mm Punisher shaft.

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