Super Bully Comp Axle with Knuckles

Super Bully Comp Axle with Knuckles

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Super Bully Comp Axle with Knuckles

The most advanced Super Classs MOA (Motor On Axle) on the market! Super Bully comes with heavy duty XVD (8mm OD) and beef up upper and lower links mounts.


  • Zinc Alloy/Billet Housing
  • Hardened Steel Gears
  • Full Ball Bearings
  • Powder coated in Gun Metal black
  • 6mm Wide Gears
  • Flat Top on Axle Tube & Thick Steering Arms
  • Round C for Absorbing Impact, Clocked Gear Case
  • Fit 14mm back Hex Wheels
  • Width: 290mm / 11.4inch (Hex to Hex)
  • Gear Ratio: 38.42 : 1
  • Meet all Super Class Competition Requirement
  • Engineered & Manufactured by RC4WD
  • Hex to Hex Width: 301mm /11.85 "
  • Pin to Pin Width: 281mm / 11.06"
  • Pumpkin Height: 75mm / 2.95"
  • Leaf Mount Width: 172mm /6.77 "
  • Weight: 20.8in / 590g
New 8mm OD Heavy Duty XVD Axle (Wheels are Locked with a M4 Screw):

Installed with our Discontinued Rockbull Chassis

What's Included:

  • 1x Super Bully Comp Axle with Knuckles
  • 3x M3 x 25mm SHCS (Silver) (Z-S0713)
  • 2x M4 x 10mm SHCS (Silver) (Z-S1308)
  • 2x M4 x 6mm SHCS (Silver)
  • 4x M4 Flat Washer (Silver)
  • 1x M3 x 4 SSS (Black)
  • 1x 12T Motor Pinion Gears
  • 1x Clear Dusk Cover

Replacement Parts:

  • Super & Bully 2.2 XLD Axle Gears (Z-S0077)
  • Bully Replacement Bearing Set

Optional Parts:

  • Super Bully Steering Kit (Black) (Z-S0333)

  • While some components may come assembled, it may be in your best interests to check the products to ensure all hardware is tight. In some cases you may want to apply threadlock to some of the hardware that is already installed.
  • The Gears don't come pre-lubed. You will need to remove the front cover and use your preferred lubrication or Z-S1199 and Z-S1197 (Monster Lube).
  • This Axle is designed to fit any type of Wheels that has a 14mm back Hex.
  • Uses M2 x 6mm (Z-S0994) and M2 x 5mm (Z-S0738) for Clear Cover.
  • For complete Truck, you will need two of this product.
  • Super bully is designed for 1/6 to 1/8 Scale Truck.

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