South West Scale Championship

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"Going West"
South-West Scale Championship

Part of the title is correct…I did “Go West” on April 24, 2014 to compete in the 2014  RC4WD Southwest Scale Championship in Cedar City, UT.

My journey started early on 4/24/14 by catching a plane to Las Vegas at 7 am. The flight was uneventful, the way I like them. I touched down around 8:30 am. After picking up my checked bags with my Gelande 2 Farm Truck, I headed to the car rental terminal. It was at that point that Hotwheels000 and BoostFreak reached out to me…so we met up for breakfast before hitting the road to Cedar City.

After driving 3 hours through Arizona and into Utah…we made it to the event town, Cedar City. 

We checked into the hotel, then ran out to the event site, Three Peaks Recreational Park to check things out. 
For an east coast guy, this place was breath taking. The views, rocks and mountains were amazing. Some of the areas that they were having the courses really looked like they were going to give the RC4WD Gelande 2 Farm Truck a workout.

I went back to the hotel and pulled the rig out to go over it to make sure it was ready to go. Moosekey set up a Meet and Greet for Thursday Night for everyone to meet or catch up. It was a great time and was awesome seeing old friends and meet new ones.

Friday April 25th

Morning of the comp…threats of wind gusts of 50 mph… was closer to 55 mph winds.  Drivers’ Meeting started the day with letting everyone know all the rules, regulations and timing of the day.

The event started with Class 1. I got in line for the inaugural run of the Luxury Farm Truck… Knowing that this was built for scale look more than performance, I didn’t have very high expectations, so I was impressed that I got to Gate 7…and it was consistent with all three courses. There were some incredibly scale Class 1 rigs with some of them being amazingly capable.

After everyone ran…they jumped over to Class 3. These rigs are the unlimited.  Some of them looked nothing like the rigs they were built off of. Huge tires, large amounts of flex and lots and lots of tubework. Watching these things take on unbelievable obstacles was entertaining in itself.

Finals were the wrap up of the day for comping…we then took some time to get cleaned up and met in the conference room of the hotel for the Concourse Show’n Shine.  It was a great time to look at all of the rigs together and talk with everyone.
The sites were amazing. this real or not???

Saturday April 26th

Woke up to 32 degrees and snow…yup, snow. The Utah group stated that if you don’t like the weather, wait 20 minutes and it will change. Well it did a couple hours later, into rain. Walmart got a high demand for Boots, Gloves, Rain Gear and Hats.

Today was Class 2 comps.  These were the most fun to watch, and I have to say that some of these Western drivers are really talented. Unlike the East Coast with Moss, smooth rock, etc, you can really dial your rig in and be pretty confident that the terrain will be close to consistent.  But with that said, the drivers are what really make these trucks come alive.  The finals were set up after that and were a ton of fun to watch. 

Tim “WarPig” Samuels, design a King of Peaks event that was shotgun start and involved some pretty innovative tasks.  The course was 1.4 miles long and not only tested the limits of the drivers skills but also their focus on details.   I was able to follow some of the drivers and through the whole course you heard laughter.  What a great way to unwind after a day of comping.

Unfortunately, I was videoing all day so didn't get any pictures.

In the evening, the Awards Banquet was fun filled as well.  Josh “Harley” was the MC.  He did a great job of keeping everyone engaged and thanking all the sponsors for their participation.  Special prizes were given to the younger drivers and helpers from the weekend. When all was said and done, every participant walked away with a prize and Sam “Sam63” needed a bigger trailer to take back his winnings.

I have to say, knowing what is involved in organizing an event like this, that Matt, Louie, LB, Sean, Jerry, AJ, Tyson (sorry if I missed anyone) did an outstanding job of coordinating and keeping everything moving.

Sunday April 27th
Weather was back to 75 degrees and we were on the road to St George for the TTC. The location was interesting. We were on the fringe of a housing development where they built all the courses. Knowing that I only had a little while to stick around due to catching a flight in Vegas, I didn’t waste time getting videos of the courses that I could. We started out with the Frame Twister, that lived up to its name. If you were lucky to get through it…your last 15 feet was logs and water. I was able to stick around for the sled pulls but had to hit the road after that.
I have to say that if you ever get the opportunity to run with the Utah guys, do it. They are a great group of guys that have one agenda…have fun and grow the hobby. Those are the types of guys that I want to hang out with.


Class 1:
1st Place - Sam Collins
2nd Place - Devlin
3rd Place - Trenton Becker

Class 2:
1st Place - Sam Collins
2nd Place - Trenton Becker
3rd Place - Luis (RC4WD Team Driver)

Class 3:
1st Place - Sam Collins
2nd Place - Trenton Becker
3rd Place - Lance Parker

1st Place - Sam Collins
2nd Place - Lance Parker
3rd Place - Trenton Becker

And of course you can't forget Rckcrwlr's Gelande 2 Farm Truck getting the...



Thanks for all your efforts.

John “Rckcrwlr”
RC4WD Team Manager