Samu Sarka dominates 2018 WRCCA Worlds presented by RC4WD

I've been part of the RC4WD Bully 2 Comp Team from 2013, when they were first released. Four years. Three continents. 80000km (50,000 miles). Three World Championship competitions in USA, France and Australia. Finally the hard work paid off. RC4WD Bully 2 MOA Axles are proven to be World Championship Worthy.
My Third, and most recent title, took place in Brigadoon, Western Australia. The competition was run under heat that I wasn't familiar coming from cold Finland. The temperatures could climb all the way up to 40°C (104
°F), which definitely played a huge part during the weekend. Five qualification courses were run on Saturday and I managed to get out as a second place holder to the finals on Sunday.

Final course was set to be tough for the rigs and tricky strategically for the drivers. I had my fair share of excitement in there, but managed to clear a couple of bonus gates in hope of climbing up in the results. That's what happened eventually. First place after hundreds of hours driving Bully 2 based rig for four years. It works the best for me. And it is a great way to get in to the Pro Class in comp crawling. I hope with this win we could get more people into this magnificent sport. Thank you RC4WD for bringing great products to the market!

Information supplied by Samu Sarka

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