RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Truck Kit "SWB"

RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Truck Kit "SWB"

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The TF2 SWB has both detailed styling and aggressive performance.
You will find a balance of capability and performance built into every TF2.
Performance of the TF2 is smooth and with its R3 single speed transmission, 4WD drivetrain, bullet-proof transfer case and quality metal components throughout.
The TF2 is truly a work of art in both appearance and performance.
Every TF2 SWB is compatible with a full range of option parts designed to enhance the performance
and add to the scale look of the only true scale 1/10 offroad truck... The Trailfinder 2 SWB.

Realistic Billet Aluminum Ladder Frame Chassis "SWB"
R3 Single Speed Transmission
Center Mounted Realistic 4x4 Transfer Case
Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle
True to Scale Leaf Spring Suspension
5 Lug Wagon 1.9" Steel Stamped Beadlock Wheels (Black)
Mud Thrashers 1.9" Scale Tires
Realistic Bumpers and Skid Plate
Chassis Mounted Steering Servo
RC4WD Scale Shock Absorbers
Plastic Rod Ends
Full Ball Bearings

Shown with Tamiya Jeep Body for example (not included) TAM9335171

All New Hammer Transfer Case
Ratio - 1.47:1
Gears - Wide
.8 Mod steel gears

All New R3 Single Speed Transmission
Ratio: 1.78:1
Pinion/spur 14/64 = 4.57:1

Cast Yota 2 Axles
Ratio: 15/40 = 2.67:1
Width at hex: 176.5mm

Trailfinder 2 SWB Chassis
Features - Billet aluminum construction Adjustable shock hoops

RC4WD Punisher Metal Driveshafts
Heavy duty steel construction

Type: 1.9 Steel Beadlock Wheels with Lug Nuts
Hub: Pin type
Width: 25mm
Back spacing: 11mm

TF2 SWB Dimensions
Wheelbase: 9.9in / 242mm
Width: 8.3in / 211
Height: 5.55in / 141mm
Ground Clearance: 2.3in / 58.5mm
Overall Length: 15.31in / 389mm
Weight: 62.1oz / 1.76kg

The TF2 includes the Hammer Transfer Case. Packed with detail, the case features a cast metal exterior and the .8 Mod widened gears for durability.

The most scale accurate axles on the market, the RC4WD Cast Yota II axles feature innovative round knuckles, new lower mounting points and compact offset pumpkins.

The R3 Single Speed Transmission comes with a cast aluminum case and new wider gears to allow for more abuse along with a Delrin spur with slipper clutch.

Drawing on the success of the RC4WD MOA gear sets, the TF2 drivetrain has the most durable gears RC4WD has to offer so the TF2 will stay on the trail, day after day.

The Metal Driveshafts for the TF2 are an all new design featuring bulletproof steel universals and a new high quality plastic shaft for great driveline angles and durability on the trail.


The TF2 includes a set of RC4WD Ultimate Scale Shocks. Designed for ultimate scale looks and ultimate performance. The shocks are machined from billet aluminum and internally sprung.

The TF2 includes a set of RC4WD Black Stamped Steel 1.9 Internal Beadlock Wagon Wheels. Super tough black painted finish, aluminum internal ring and popular 5 lug design.

The TF2 Chassis is a machined billet aluminum ladder frame design with leaf springs, scale shock hoops, chassis servo mounts and hard body mounts. 4-link conversion available

Every TF2 needs a tough set or rock grabbing tires and the included Mud Thrashers in X3 Compound deliver the traction as well as perfect scale looks in just the right size.

The 4 Link Conversion kit can be used to replace the stock rear leaf spring setup with a more advanced 4 link style setup. Z-S1053 (Not Included)

Photos provided by customer

What's Included:
  • 1x RC4WD Trail Finder 2 SWB
  • Universal Body Mounting Kit for TF2 SWB (Z-S1753)


  • While some components may come assembled, we always recommend that you check the products to ensure all hardware is tight. In some cases, you may want to apply thread lock to some of the hardware that is already installed.
  • Use good quality hex drivers to avoid stripping screw heads.
  • Use thread lock when putting metal screws into metal parts.
  • Steps marked with an asterisk (*) require thread lock.
  • Use thread lock sparingly.
  • Do not over tighten screws otherwise you may strip the thread.

Required to Complete:

Truck Kit
  • Hex Drivers (1.5mm, 2mm, 2,5mm)
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Associated Thread Locking Adhesive
  • Cross Wrench or Nut Driver (4mm, 5.5mm, 7mm)


Replacement Parts:

  • Fuel Cell Radio Box (Z-S0592)
  • R3 Scale Single Speed Transmission (Z-U0028)
  • Electronics Top Plate w/Servo Mounts (Z-S0678)
  • Hammer Transfer Case (1.47/1) (Z-U0024)
  • Leaf Spring Shackles & Mounts Kit (Z-S0047)
  • Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Front) (Z-A0080)
  • Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Rear) (Z-A0081)
  • 5 Lug Wagon 1.9" Steel Stamped Beadlock Wheels (Black) (Z-W0129)
  • Mud Thrashers 1.9" Scale Tires (Z-T0051)
  • M3 Mini Plastic Rod End (20x) (Z-S0398)
  • M3 Offset Short Plastic Rod End (20x) (Z-S0401)
  • Scale Steel Punisher Shaft (77mm - 100mm / 3.03" - 3.94") (Z-S1054)
  • 14t 32p Hardened Steel Pinion Gear (Z-S0430)

Tamiya Body Part Numbers:

  • Tamiya Jeep Wrangler Body (V-TAM9335171)
  • Tamiya Wrangler M Parts (V-TAM9115239)
  • Tamiya Jeep Wrangler L Parts (TAM9115238)
  • Tamiya Jeep Wrangler K Parts (TAM9115062)
  • Tamiya Jeep Wrangler H/J Parts (TAM9005439)
  • Tamiya Jeep Wrangler Metal Parts Bag (TAM9400864)
  • Clear Lexan Windshield for Tamiya Jeep Wrangler Body (Z-B0012)

Optional Parts:

  • 4 Link Kit For Trail Finder 2 Short WB Rear Axle (Z-S1053)
  • 1.9" 5 Lug Steel Wheel Hex Hub (Z-S0734)
  • 1.9 5 Lug Steel Wheel Hex Hub with Brake Rotor (Z-S0532)
  • Scale Aisin/Yota Style Hubs (Z-S0196)
  • XVD Axle for Ultimate Scale Yota II G2 Axle (Z-S0823)
  • RC4WD King Off-Road Scale Dual Spring Shocks (80mm) (Z-D0035)
  • Triton Transfer Case (1:1) (Z-U0029)
  • Metal Hinge Set for Tamiya CC01 Wrangler (VVV-C0031)
  • Hood Grill for Tamiya CC01 Wrangler (VVV-C0025)
  • 1/10 Metal Grill for Tamiya CC01 Jeep Wrangler (VVV-C0018)
  • Rear Diamond Plates Corner Set for Tamiya CC01 Wrangler (Black) (VVV-C0063)
  • Front Lens for Tamiya CC01 Wrangler (VVV-C0061)
  • 1/10 Metal Logo for Tamiya CC01 Wrangler (VVV-C0060)
  • Rear Taillight Grill for Tamiya CC01 Wrangler (VVV-C0064)
  • Mounting Adapter for TF2 SWB and Rampage Recovery Rear Bumper (Z-S1480)
  • Internal Springs for ARB 70mm Shocks (Z-S1177)
  • Punisher Shaft II (80mm - 100mm / 3.15" - 3.93") 5mm Hole (Z-S1591)
  • RC4WD Teraflex Revolver Shackle (Z-S1594)
  • RC4WD Teraflex Revolver Z-Box for Trail Finder, F-350, Hilux, Tundra (Z-S1587)
  • RC4WD Rampage Rear Double Tube Bumper for Trail Finder 2 SWB (Z-S1365)
  • RC4WD Ballistic Fabrications Diff Cover for Yota II Axle (Z-S1605)
  • RC4WD Rampage Front Double Tube Bumper with Hoop for Trail Finder 2 SWB (Z-S1558)
  • RC4WD Rock Hard 4x4 Rear Multi Carrier for TF2 SWB (Z-X0022)
  • Replacement Leaf Springs for TF2 SWB (Z-S1717)
  • M3 Offset Short Aluminum Rod Ends (Red) (10) (Z-S1631)
  • M3 Offset Short Aluminum Rod Ends (Blue) (10) (Z-S1633)
  • K44 Ultimate Scale Cast Rear Axle (Z-A0096)
  • Low Profile Delrin Skid Plate for Std. TC (TF2 SWB) (Z-S1823)
  • Over/Under Drive T-Case Low Profile Delrin Skid Plate for TF2 SWB (Z-S1819)

Metal Rod End Upgrades:

  • M3 Short Straight Aluminum Rod Ends (Blue) (10) (Z-S1634)
  • M3 Short Straight Aluminum Rod Ends (Black) (10) (Z-S1636)

Instruction Manuals:

Press Information:

Axle Shimming Video: Click Here

5 Stars
Wicked Little Rig
Ok, so out of the box and assembled I was disappointed. But once you get a body and interior and electronics on this baby it comes to life. Seemed a bit stiff but once loaded up it is a great trail truck. No its not going to out perform an scx10 but for a realistic scale trail rig it is perfect. Once you drive on the leaf springs and shocks they soften up and perform great. My swb is fully custom with an amigo body and a full interior but the chassis is 100% box stock and I love it.
Did you find this helpful?  13 of 17 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 3/14/2016
5 Stars
Durable and top performance
When i got this chassis i was very surprised about all the awesome parts. Strong drivetrain, perfect working suspension, top performance! I use it as C3 competition rig and it works awesome!
Did you find this helpful?  8 of 10 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Austria. on 6/29/2016
5 Stars
If you want a leaf sprung car with a plug and play Hardbody this is for you! Very scale on the trail!
Did you find this helpful?  8 of 9 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Austria. on 6/28/2016
4 Stars
Very Good!!!
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 7 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Italy. on 7/19/2015
5 Stars
Ok, so it’s a swb with leaf sprung suspension. How can that work right? Let me just stop you in your tracks there. I’ve never come across a more suitable chassis for the hardcore scale enthusiast. This TF2 swb is the perfect match for the all so popular YJ Jeep body from Tamiya. Suspension travel is certainly down to the tee as far as true scale performance goes. The Yota 2 axles gives it a sharp turning circle, and as for the drivetrain, marry it to a 35T motor from RC4WD, and you get a perfect balance. In a nutshell, I’ll buy ten more if I could, in a heartbeat. Absolutely a great product. ????
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from South Africa . on 2/11/2018

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