RC4WD Recon G6 Fun Temporary Tattoos

RC4WD Recon G6 Fun Temporary Tattoos

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RC4WD Recon G6 Fun Temporary Tattoos


  • Temporary fun tattoos printed with color additives that are safe for direct skin contact

Shown on customer for example

What's Included:

  • 2x RC4WD Recon G6 Fun Temporary Tattoos
  • 1x Instruction Sheet


1. Peel off the glossy adhesive film that is on top of the tattoo. 
2. Place the tattoo onto desired location on skin. Make sure to apply ample amount of pressure to ensure placement of the tattoo. 
3. Next, wet a towel and dab the tattoo well for approx. 10 seconds. Make sure that the entire surface of the paper is covered with water in order for the tattoo to transfer properly. 
4. Once the paper has been properly moistened, remove the backing paper slowly. 
5. That's it! Reveal your tattoo and enjoy!

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