RC4WD Products Become Recon G6 Certified!!

Posted by RC4WD on 12/8/2016 to RC4WD In the Media
RC4WD Products Become Recon G6 Certified!!


Wow!! Where has the time gone!? Time sure flies by when you're having fun and THIS year has definitely been fun!!

Earlier this year, we partnered up with Brian Parker and jumped on the G-Train, becoming the official title sponsor for Recon G6!! We've been excited to help bring Scale Adventure to all parts of the world, ranging from Europe and all the way to Hawai'i!!

Check out our collaborative logo!!

And now, we're excited to announce we've added new products to the list of Recon G6 Certified items!!

As many of you know, The Fix Enduro is the most grueling way to test the Driver for true grit. It requires a combination of passion and RC products with amazing quality to withstand the challenges. After all is said and done, the remaining Drivers and RC products are granted the certification.

The certification is an honor to receive and we couldn't have dreamed of such an accomplishment without all the Drivers. Cheers to all of you that participated in The Fix Enduro 2016 last month, especially those who ran our products to help make this possible!!


Shop RC4WD Recon G6 Certified Products for 2017 below: