If you've been following us on social media, you'll know that we've been supporting the RNR team at King of the Hammers for a few years already, and this year was no different!
Despite not getting any podiums this year, the Rusty Nail Racing Team had a total of 4 cars participating, #819, #4619, #4698 and #1119!

During Tech & Contingency on February 9th, any child under 12 that came up to RNR driver Justin Reece and said the word "Wrecking Ball" would receive 1 of 9 RC4WD trucks.

"Before we even had the engines turned off to get in the gate, we had kids approaching us immediately. The joy in these kids eyes was just incredible!"
- Cameron Reece (Rusty Nail Racing Co-Driver)

This sentiment is what RC4WD is all about. As much as we enjoy all things rock crawling, we enjoy bringing the youth in to the RC hobby!

Watch our 2022 KOH interview with the Rusty Nail Racing Team!

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