Outcry II Waterproof ESC

Outcry II Waterproof ESC

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Outcry II Waterproof ESC


This new Outcry II Waterproof ESC features great characteristics for scale trail driving, making it the perfect choice for any scale build!


  • Input Voltage: 4-9 NiCd/NiMH Cells (1.2V/Cell) or 2-3S LiPo
  • Advanced Turbo BEC
  • BEC Output Voltage-Current: 6V-3A
  • Output Current: 320A Forward, 160A Reverse
  • Connectors: Futaba J, Standard for Battery, Bullet Motor (All Pre-installed)
  • Delay in Reverse: No
  • Drag Break: Yes
  • LiPo Cutoff (Using 2S, half speed at 6V and shut off at 5.8V)
  • ESC Length: 1.79in / 45.4mm
  • ESC Width: 1.32in / 33.6mm
  • ESC Height: 0.97in / 24.7mm
  • Weight: 2.11oz / 60g
  • Proper Motor: 1 - 540 Brushed Motor 19 turns and higher winds

What's Included:
  • 1x Outcry II Waterproof ESC

Optional Parts:

  • Outcry Crawler Speed Controller ESC with TurboBEC (Z-E0007)
  • Outcry II Dual Motor Waterproof ESC (Z-E0091)
  • 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 80T (Z-E0001)
  • 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 80T (Z-E0002)
  • 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 55T (Z-E0003)
  • 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 45T (Z-E0004)
  • 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 35T (Z-E0005)
  • RC4WD Brushed 45T Boost Rebuildable Crawler 540 Motor (Z-E0041)
  • Brushed 35T Boost Rebuildable Crawler 540 Motor (Z-E0045)
  • 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 20T (Z-E0065)
  • 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 27T (Z-E0067)
  • "T" Style Male to Tamiya Female Connector Adapter (Z-E0087)

Instruction Manual:

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