Make your TF2 SWB Your Own!

Posted by RC4WD on 2/6/2018 to RC4WD Product Uses

As told by RC4WD Team Manager Daniel S...

I have a sweet spot for the TF2 SWB - I simply love how it drives, looks and surprises on the trail.  As you can see from the pictures I own two of them ;)

So in my today's Managers Choice parts blog I will focus on 3 parts that would be my first recommendation if you are looking to upgrade your TF2 SWB to improve it's performance


XVD's help your truck to run smoother and get some more steering out of your Yota II axles.
The stock tires are great to have fun - but if you want to have a bit more Traction softer and sticker tires are a great hop up. You might find that you need to play a bit with different foams depending of the weight of your Scale truck
On some harsher trails the stock skid plate might get you hung, with the brand new delrin skid plate you get a perfect piece to improve your belly clearance.

Special tech tip: Make sure to secure the screws that hold the knuckle onto the C-hub with thread lock and check those screws from time to time.

Have fun with your truck on the trails.