RC4WD was at the Montana Scale National in Helena Montana this past weekend to check out all the great builds and met some awesome people. This event is held each year in Helena and is the perfect setting for the largest scale event in the country. The weekend started off with some mild rain on Friday for the Class 1 and Class 3 trucks. Saturday the skies opened up and allowed for the Spec class, and Class 2 to be ran. Then Sunday was the Top Truck Challenge and again the sun was shinning down allowing for a great day for the TTC.

The courses were built into the side of a mountain. It tested both trucks and drivers to get to the courses.

Friday started off with Tech Inspection for Class 1 and Class 3. It was evident that the rain had settled in and it was going to be a long day for all involved. At the end of the day, only 5 made the finals.

Some shots from the Final Course of Class 1.

At the end of the day, the Class 1 was full of Flashpoints and one set of Mud Thrashers. The Mud Thrashers pulled off the win on this day.

The winners from Class 1:

1. Locked Up
2. LMoosekey
3. Boob Dude
4. Madscrambler
5. Just Zach

On Friday night everyone got there raffle tickets for all the nice swag. No one wanted to miss the chance at the great prizes.

Random photos from the Class 2.

The winners from Class 2:

1. LMoosekey
2. Madscrambler
3. Boob Dude
4. Difuser
5. Nate08

Photos from the show and shine.

Concourse awards were given out on Saturday night. Everyone there was able to vote. There were several categories.

Best Interior:

Best Paint:

Tackiest Accessory:

Best Tube Work:

Most Abused: (Running RC4WD Yota Axles)

Best Hard Body:

Most Innovation:

Best Tuber:

Attention to Detail:

Best of Show: Street Class

Best of Show: Trail Class

Best of Show: Modified Class

Some random shots from the event.

The winners from Class 3:

1. Madscrambler
2. LMoosekey
3. SDS customz
4. hotwheels000
5. Needs2hunt

The second night was the raffle for all the great prizes and awards for the Class 2 and Spec Class.

It was a late night.

On Sunday was the Top Truck Challenge. This is several courses designed to test the drivers skills and there purpose built rigs. 10 of the drivers were voted in and 1 other driver who was the winner from the 2010 event.

Part of the challenge in TTC is the Mud Pit. This one was crazy!

There was a Hill Climb too.

The Winners from TTC:

1. SDScustomz
2. Madscrambler
3. Big Baller
4. Just Zach
5. Chino63
6. Rbgerrish
7. 666
8. Tommy R
9. Justinart24
10. War Pig
11. Team3six

More to Come!

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