RC4WD Predator Tracks (Pair)

RC4WD Predator Tracks (Pair)

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RC4WD Predator Tracks (Pair)

The Predator Tracks System will add versatility to your truck setup. Specially designed for all terrain use where maximum traction is needed.


  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum
  • Full Bearing Setup
  • All Terrain Rubber Track
  • Adjustable Track Tension
  • Engineered by RC4WD UK
  • Manufactured by RC4WD
  • Hex: 12mm

What's Included:

  • 1 x Left Predator Track 
  • 1 x Right Predator Track
  • 2 x Rubber Tracks (Z-T0073)

Replacement Hardware:

  • 14x M3x 12mm BHCS (Black) (Z-S0654)
  • 8x M3 x 8mm BHCS (Black) (Z-S0652)
  • 16x M3 x 16mm BHCS (Black) (Z-S0652)

Replacement Parts:

  • Predator Tracks Wheel Nut Cover (Z-S0646)

Optional Parts:

  • Predator Track Front Axle Fitting Kit for Bully Axles (Z-S1201)
  • This is enough to prep one axle. In order to do a 2 axle truck, you will need two of this item.
  • These require a fitting kit to be used for proper mounting and use.
  • With only one pair installed on a truck, you will have a gearing change between the normal wheels and the Tracks. If mounting the tracks on the front it will cause push / under steer.
  • We recommend the use of these tracks on all corners of the truck for best results.
  • Brushless system and higher gearing is suggested, but not required.
  • Threadlock is requires on all screws on the tracks before use.
  • Predator Tracks Front Fitting kit for Vaterra Twin Hammers (Z-S1252)
  • Predator Tracks Rear Fitting kit for Vaterra Twin Hammers (Z-S1254)

Predator Track Axle Fitting Kits

Axial AX-10 Axle Fitting Kits

Tamiya Hilift Series Truck and Axles

  • Front Axle Fitting Kit
  • Rear Axle Fitting Kit

Axial AR60 Axle Fitting Kits

Yota Front Axle Fitting Kit

  • Front Axle Fitting Kit (Z-S0619)
  • No Rear Fitting Kit is Available

HPI Wheely/Crawler King Axle Fitting Kits

Replacement Tracks (Z-T0073)

Optional Tracks (Z-T0080)

Lexan Guards (Z-S0023)

Optional Adaptors:

If your axle is not listed above, we do not have any current plans to produce them.
Click here to see our full line of wheel specification comparison list.

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