RC4WD Predator EVO Tracks (Pair)

RC4WD Predator EVO Tracks (Pair)

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RC4WD Predator EVO Tracks (Pair)

The Predator EVO Tracks System will add versatility to your truck setup. Specially designed for all terrain use where maximum traction is needed. The new EVO design has reinforced wheel arms and a larger diameter wheel to reduce the gear reduction the tracks can cause.


  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum
  • Full bearing setup
  • All terrain rubber track
  • Adjustable track tension
  • Larger drive wheel for more speed
  • Double arms for more realistic setup
  • Better scale design
  • Engineered by RC4WD UK
  • Manufactured by RC4WD
  • Hex: 12mm


What's Included:

  • 1x Left Predator EVO Track 
  • 1x Right Predator EVO Track
  • 2x Rubber Tracks (Z-T0073)

Replacement Hardware:

  • 14x M3x 12mm BHCS (Black) (Z-S0654
  • 8x M3 x 20mm BHCS(Black) (Z-S0895
  • 16x M3 x 16mm BHCS (Black) (Z-S0656)

Replacement Parts:

  • Predator Tracks Large Drive Bearings (Z-S0645)
  • Predator Tracks Single Wheel Repair Kit (Z-S0644)
  • RC4WD Predator EVO Track Shims (4) (Z-S1016)

Optional Parts:

  • Predator Track Front Axle Fitting Kit for Bully Axles (Z-S1201)
  • Predator Tracks Front Fitting kit for Vaterra Ascender Axles (Z-S1597)
  • Predator Tracks Rear Fitting kit for Vaterra Ascender Axles (Z-S1599)
  • This is enough to prep one axle. In order to do a 2 axle truck, you will need two of this item.
  • These require a fitting kit to be used for proper mounting and use.
  • With only one pair installed on a truck, you will have a gearing change between the normal wheels and the Tracks. If mounting the tracks on the front it will cause push / under steer.
  • We recommend the use of these tracks on all corners of the truck for best results.
  • Brushless system and higher gearing is suggested, but not required.
  • Threadlock is requires on all screws on the tracks before use.
  • Predator Tracks Front Fitting kit for Vaterra Twin Hammers (Z-S1252)
  • Predator Tracks Rear Fitting kit for Vaterra Twin Hammers (Z-S1254)

Predator Track Axle Fitting Kits

Axial AX-10 Axle Fitting Kits

Tamiya Hilift Series Truck and Axles

  • Front Axle Fitting Kit
  • Rear Axle Fitting Kit

Axial AR60 Axle Fitting Kits

Yota Front Axle Fitting Kit

  • Front Axle Fitting Kit  (Z-S0619)
  • No Rear Fitting Kit is Available

HPI Wheely/Crawler King Axle Fitting Kits

Replacement Tracks  (Z-T0073)

Optional Tracks (Z-T0080) (Z-T0110)

Optional Adaptors:

If your axle is not listed above, we do not have any current plans to produce them.
Click here to see our full line of wheel specification comparison list.

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