Metal Shield Bearing 5x11x4mm

Metal Shield Bearing 5x11x4mm

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Metal Shield Bearing 5x11x4mm (10)

This is a replacement bearing with a metal shield.


  • Size: 5x11x4mm
  • 10 Included in bag

What's Included:

  • 10x Bearing 5x11x4mm

Works on these items:

Z-U0024 Hammer Transfer Case (1.47/1)

Z-U0025 R3 Scale 2 Speed Transmission

Z-A0036 Yota 1.9 Straight Axle (Bruiseruptor Edition)

Z-A0058 Yota Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Front)

Z-A0059 Yota Scale Cast Straight Axle (Bruiseruptor Edition)

Z-A0061 Yota Ultimate Scale Cast Straight Rear Axle

Z-A0076 T-Rex 60 Front & Rear Plastic Complete Axle

Z-U0008 T1 Disruptor Black Transfer Case (2.18:1 Gearing)

Z-A0048 K44 Ultimate Scale Front Axle       

Z-A0049 K44 Ultimate Scale Rear Axle

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